Why do dogs look at you with their heads tilted ?

Have you ever seen your dog tilt its head and look at you? You want to know why? Tilting the head is considered a very cute gesture for a dog. Is this a normal dog behavior?

A dog looking at you with it’s head tilted mainly for the following normal reasons:

1. Listen Carefully and Identify the Source of Human Voice

The dog’s head movement also has something to do with the way its ears are constructed. Although dogs can recognize sounds at a much wider frequency than humans, that doesn’t mean their hearing is better. And their brains aren’t very computationally efficient, so a simple head-tilt allows them to adjust the direction of the sound they receive, making them more certain of the source.

The dog’s ear is very sensitive, and they can feel extremely tiny sound vibration, when the person and the dog are opposite, the sound which the person sends out, the dog can immediately tilt the head to judge the sound wave source, the strength, the softness degree, judges the person’s joy and the anger! Some dogs will immediately stand up ears to listen, big ears dog will tilt it’s head, exposed ear holes to listen carefully.

2. To See Your Face More Clearly

The dog’s vision is wide, and it can be wider if its head is turned to one side. When the dog is looking at you while you’re talking, its nose and mouth will block the lower part of its face, tilting their heads allowing them to see you more clearly. Dogs can also read our facial expressions in order to better pick up emotional cues from our voices.