What you should know about pregnancy after abortion

About the Medical abortion.

Medical abortion is when taken the pills early in the pregnancy to abort the fetus, at present there is no evidence that medical abortion increases women’s risk of problem pregnancy in the future.
One study found that a drug abortion carries no increasing risk, such as:

  • An ectopic pregnancy.
  • Abortion.
  • Low birth weight .
  • Early delivery later in pregnancy.

Surgical abortion.

Surgical abortion occurs when the embryo is removed using suction and a spoon-shaped sharp object called curet. This type of abortion is also called extension and abrasion (D and C).

In rare cases can cause miscarriage of the surgical scarring in the wall of the uterus (syndrome here), you may be more at risk of scarring the wall of the uterus if you have undergone abortions and multiple surgical, may make pregnancy more difficult in the future and may also increase the chances of miscarriage and stillbirth
Think any abortion not performed by the doctor a source is not reliable and can lead to complications immediate in addition to later problems related to fertility and overall health.

How long after the abortion will the pregnancy tests be accurate?

Looking pregnancy tests for a high level of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, and pregnancy hormones fast after a miscarriage but it does not diminish completely to normal levels immediately.

It takes between 16 days and two months, if I took the pregnancy test during this time frame, it is likely that the result will be positive
If you think you’re pregnant again shortly after the abortion, you should see your doctor for a pregnancy test depends on blood.

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