How to Train a Kitten

Part 2 : The training of home cats is preferable to the use of the litter box. It is her instincts to bury their droppings therefore training cats to use the litter box is easy.

Young cats-who grow with or use the litter box-start to get used to these boxes often before the age of 5 or 6 weeks. A smooth surface plastic or enamel-coated plastic can be used as a litter box.

It is preferable to put the box in a quiet place with a layer of sand, sawdust, shredded leaves or clean soil. This box must be cleaned and materials changed when wet.

And also the training sector on the raking column scratching her claws into instead of carpet or curtains or upholstery because cats by nature sprout stuff disarmament, energy your guide ballet from her fears and to develop a relationship for their regions.