Fitness Tests for Speed

Speed is important in many sports and therefore the ability to get it quickly maybe a coveted skill. If you are a track and field sprinter, sprint swimmer, speed cyclist or speed skater, for instance, speed is that the most vital a part of your event. Speed is additionally a crucial think about other sports like boxing, soccer, football, basketball, and hockey. to assist determine your progress and to seek out out whether you’re getting faster, you will need to check yourself on differing types of speed.

Sprint: An example of a sprint test is the 40-yard dash. The 40-yard dash may be a measurement to assist determine a university player’s sprinting speed. it’s also considered to be the foremost prestigious test at the annual NFL scouting combine. The fastest player within the 2010 combine was wide receiver Jacoby Ford, who ran it in 4.28 seconds. To perform this, simply pick a start line and use a measuring instrument to mark a finishing line 40 yards away. Sprint as fast as you’ll from start to end. Have a lover time you with a stopwatch and work to beat that point subsequent time you run it. attempt to use a three- or four-point stance from the start. A three-point stance has both feet on the bottom and one pass on whereas all four limbs are on the bottom for a four-point stance.

Shuttle: Another way to live your speed maybe a 10 x 5 m shuttle. you will need cones, a stopwatch and measuring tape to live 5 meters between cones. Take the 2 cones and have 5 meters between them. Sprint as fast as you’ll to the other cone and back to the beginning. You’ll return and forth five times. this is often not only a measure of speed but agility also.