9 Common Winter Ailments and What to Do About Them

There are some major perks of winter, like enjoying the magic of snow, drinking bottomless hot cocoa (marshmallows included), and spending longer cuddled up with the people you’re keen on . thereupon said, there also are many health-related downsides. weather brings about numerous winter ailments which will be tough to steer clear from, whether that’s chapped lips or a stuffy nose. the great news is, since they’re so common, there are easy fixes—and these are the simplest expert-approved ways to deal.


woman holding a tissue to her bleeding nose

There are few things worse than awakening to a nosebleed. “They’re more common within the winter due to the dry heat [from heaters],” says Kristine Blanche, PhD, owner of the New York-based Integrative Healing Center. “It can dry the nasal passages, increasing fissures which will bleed.”

How to deal:If you haven’t tried a humidifier yet, it’d be time to urge one. “Having a humidifier in your home can help, otherwise you can use a diffuser to diffuse essential oils like lavender,” she says. “A little organic jojoba oil or copra oil applied to the nasal passages can help, too.”

2-Chapped lips

woman touching her lips

Chapped lips don’t just look unsightly: they will even be pretty painful if they get bad enough. consistent with Caren Campbell, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in San Francisco , your skin becomes drier within the winter thanks to a decrease in humidity, also because the heating in your home—the same culprits for your nosebleeds. When your lips are dry, you lick them, something that only makes matters worse.

“In an attempt to moisturize our skin, we oftentimes lick our lips then that water evaporates and worsens the dryness,” she says. “This can cause lip lickers dermatitis, which causes severely dry lips to the pink a part of the lip and therefore the surrounding skin. We keep licking and it keeps evaporating, and therefore the dryness gets worse and worse.”

How to deal: When healing your chapped lips, Campbell says restoring the barrier to lock moisture in and keep it from evaporating is key. “Vaseline is a great option to do this,” she says. “Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm Lip Balm is also an option for severely chapped lips, as it contains hydrocortisone, but it shouldn’t be used every day. The hydrocortisone is more for rescue than prevention.”

3-Cracked corners of the mouth

dry mouth

Have you ever gotten painful cracks in the corners of your mouth? They’re called perleche, and they don’t look or feel good. They’re another side effect of the dry air and lip-licking, Campbell says. “When the corners crack due to dryness and slight overgrowth of the normal skin yeast, this causes perleche or angular cheilitis,” she explains.

How to deal: There’s a certain derm-approved combination that does wonders in healing those painful cracks: “Mixing half ketoconazole cream or clotrimazole cream and half hydrocortisone cream can help,” she says. “Apply it twice a day.”