8 things to know about Cats

🐱 A cat is a pet for some people. Cats are intelligent animals by nature, rely on herself , and is fond of playing and entertaining , it features a lot of them get along and sincerity of some people of all people.

🐱 The word Cat indicate to the subfamily of carnivorous animals that include tigers, lions, cheetahs and others , these include the platoon also domestic cats kept by some people pets pampered.

🐱 Buy your pet cats domestic with wild cats in many of the properties and , where it’s the same long bodies, strong heads, round to somewhat decipher short strong holds 30 years sharp.

🐱 Featuring a platoon cat with great skill in hunting their prey of other animals , in conjunction of the prey in the quiet on foot, lining, or wait until the approaching prey will before us suddenly.

🐱 Sector household pet many physically own, including the ability to vision in dim light to study the best of human as well as climbing trees , running at high speed and jump long distances.

🐱 Cats have a great sense of balance as they can easily walk on a narrow high wall or on a thin edge . And when cats fall, they gently descend on their padded feet. Cats differ in their nature and some of their physical characteristics, such as the height and color of fur.

🐱 There are a large number of cat breeds, each of which has some distinctive characteristics. Among the favorite strains are Siamese, Burmese and Persian.

🐱 And no one knows exactly when cats were first domesticated. Some historians believe it was domesticated about 5,000 years ago. Throughout history some people suggested a train its large capacity to catch mice and rats and snakes.