Before we start , please answer these questions in YES or NO.

-Are you beginning your day with tea/ coffee OR cookies/ biscuits?
-Are you going empty stomach for hours within the morning?
-Are you skipping breakfast altogether?
-Do you consume breads in your breakfast?
-Are you gulping down your breakfast or eating on the go?
-Are you consuming ample water within the morning?
-Do you are feeling constipated?
-Are you only limiting your breakfast till fruits ?

If your answer is YES, then let me tell you that these habits will destroy your digestive health. you’ll have nutritional deficiencies and other health issues also .

If you would like to heal your gastrointestinal system then remember :

  • get into the habit of eliminating early morning . watch your diet if you are feeling constipated because it may be a root explanation for many issues.
  • drink lemon water / ample of normal water very first thing within the morning.
    -feed yourself with a dose of alkalinity within an hour of awakening / mid morning for a cleaner , lighter and healthier beginning of the day.

Remember, it’s vital to follow a clean alkaline morning ritual that stimulates your gastrointestinal system just the proper way .

Article from https://www.instagram.com/fitness_flu/