9 Staggering Physical Feats to Inspire Your Own Fitness

1 | Hafthér Björnsson Breaks a Viking Legend

superhuman feats the mountain lfits a tree

If you think in something strong enough, they say, you’ll move mountains. otherwise you could just be strong enough. Hafthér Jéléus Björnsson, whom you’ll know as Gregor Clegane (or “The Mountain”) on Game of Thrones, broke a record that’s been around for a millennium. consistent with Viking legend, there is a 30-foot long log—weighing in at an inhuman 1,433 pounds—that was carried by one man, Orm Storolfson, for 3 steps. Björnsson carried it for five. The crazy part? The legend was exactly that: legend. Björnsson actually did it. it’s going to seem hard, but it’s possible to create muscles like Björnsson.

2 | Reed Brown Breaks the 4-Minute Mile

superhuman feats sprinting a mile on a track

Ah, the four-minute mile. That’s running at a speed most folks can’t sprint at—about 15 mph—for longer than we will imagine. And yet, some highschool kid just smashed it. Reed Brown, of Southlake, Texas, just ran a 3:59.30 mile. the planet record, by the way, is 3:43.13. If Brown’s fleetness of foot inspires you to require up long-distance running, here’s your game plan for conquering your first race.

3 | Matt Poursoltani Benches 700 Pounds

superhuman feats benching bench press

Matt Poursoltani didn’t shatter any records in bench pressing—that honor belongs to Ryan Kennelly, who lifted 1,075 pounds in 2008—but he did turn heads round the nation. Poursoltani was a highschool senior when he benched 700 pounds in 2013 at the Texas highschool Powerlifting Association meet. And if you think that his raw number is impressive, consider this: the kid’s only 270 pounds. (The NFL record for benching is 705 pounds, set by a 325-pound Larry Allen.) If you are looking to realize strength gains like this at the gym, here are 5 muscles you’re probably overlooking.